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    Living Gods Story Together 2

    Friday, October 21, 2016

    A part of the “Together” aspect of God’s story will look a little like our morning celebration at EBC this Sunday!  Today, we celebrate the diversity and the wide inclusiveness in God’s plan.  Especially as we think of race, ethnicity, and nations of origin.   It’s a beautiful picture of God’s creativity, his diversity.  Regarding “diversity”, He even reveals himself to us as an embodied “diversity” in the Trinity.


    And it’s a relational diversity.  It is a diversity that is distinct, yet interconnected. 

    Father… Son… Spirit.


    And so are we connected.  Relationally.  Whether our skin is black, brown, yellow, white.  The common connection is that we are all made in the image of God.  And our lives are meant to be the means by which God engages this world with a message of grace and truth.  This expression of who He is, and what He does, is shining out of people with different native languages, different cultural backgrounds, different shades of skin pigmentation, different styles and types of music, different types of clothing, and different types of dietary custom.

    We also share the same basic need… to be reconciled with God, with each other, and with ourselves.  The power of the message, death and resurrection of Jesus addresses this need.  The thing that has separated us, the sickness that has divided, twisted and poisoned us against God, and each other (which has also been toxic to our own souls), has been definitively dealt with.  God did for us, what we could not do for ourselves.


    At the end of history, when God has reconciled all things to himself in Christ, the Bible says there will be a song that is sung (Rev 5.9-10):


    You are worthy to receive the scroll and open its seals, because you were killed.
    And with your own blood you bought for God people from every tribe,
    language, nation, and race.
    10 You let them become kings and serve God as priests, and they will rule on earth.”

    Maybe it will sound little like our gathering today…



    Dale Green

    Equipping Pastor