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    Behind the Scenes: Creative Ministries

    Wednesday, July 20, 2011


    One of EBC's core values as we pursue our vision of Impacting Adelaide is to 'Delight God in passionate worship, fervent prayer, and inspired creativity'.  This is something we pursue together as a congregation; but at the fore we have a talented and committed team of musicians and lead worshippers who sacrifice nights out rehearsing, and arrive at church sometimes hours early on Sundays (not to mention the hours put into a special event like Easter or Christmas productions) - all of this on top of hours spent practicing - developing proficiency in their chosen instrument over many years.

    Certainly a lot of effort goes into Sunday services (and music is just one part of it!)  As a pastor overseeing creative ministries - particularly gatherings incorporating singing - a lot of time is also spent reflecting on the words of the songs we sing… some songs are great how they are; some we modify slightly, some aren't suitable (although they may be fantastic musically!)

    One song lyric that seems to be very popular in songs for corporate singing - both new and old - that makes me pause for reflection every time, is 'You are all I need' (or words to that effect).  I wonder.. can we actually sing this line?  Truly, our loving Father provides us WITH everything we need, but He made us also to need each other! (Gen 2:18)

    We are made to be in community; to do life with each other (Heb 10:24-25), and to bear each other's burdens (Gal 6:2).  We're made 'Imago Dei' -  in the image of God; and God Himself is in perfect community - with Himself - Father, Son, and Spirit - and has been from eternity past!  If God is in community, and we're made in His image and need to be in community, then can we sing 'You are all we need?  I actually think we can… Matt 6:31-33 shows us that when we pursue our relationship with God, He is faithful and fills in the rest - including our need for each other.

    I don't believe in placing a moral value on a preferential style of music, but we need to ensure that the words we sing are bringing honour and glory to God, but beyond that, that our 'worship' on Sundays is simply an extension of our worship throughout the week.